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Private Class And Video Shoot at Rise Nation

We recently held a private class and video shoot at Kafa Bar retail partner, and well known celebrity gym, Rise Nation. Our instructor Courtney led us through one of the toughest workouts we’ve ever experienced. The video should be up soon but we were able to grab a few pictures of the session.

Visit Rise Nation where you can get a Kafa Bar and a workout that will kick your @ss all in one place.

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Charged Up At The Tesla Clubs Worldwide Gathering

Kafa Bar kept everyone charged up as leaders from Tesla Clubs around the world came together for their annual gathering. Co-hosted by Tesla mod shop Unplugged Performance, the event drew club officers from multiple European countries and across the United States. Many of the attendees decided to road trip to the gathering in order to bring their cars and we sent them off with Kafa Bars for the long drive home.

Learn more about Unplugged Performance and Tesla Corsa track days.

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Now Available At All Erewhon Markets

If you live in LA and care about shopping for the highest quality groceries, you probably know about Erewhon Market. If you don’t know about Erewhon, it’s widely considered to be a trendsetter in surfacing new artisanal natural food products. It’s where the most selective shoppers go when they’re looking for something better than Whole Foods. We’re happy to announce that Erewhon will now be carrying Kafa Bars in all of their locations.

Learn more about Erewhon Market HERE.