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Charged Up At The Tesla Clubs Worldwide Gathering

Kafa Bar kept everyone charged up as leaders from Tesla Clubs around the world came together for their annual gathering. Co-hosted by Tesla mod shop Unplugged Performance, the event drew club officers from multiple European countries and across the United States. Many of the attendees decided to road trip to the gathering in order to bring their cars and we sent them off with Kafa Bars for the long drive home.

Learn more about Unplugged Performance and Tesla Corsa track days.

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Giving A Boost To NYC’s VC Fit

When we heard about VC Fit, a bi-weekly fitness program specifically for New York’s up and coming VCs, we knew Kafa Bars would be perfect for this group of go-getters. Launched by Mike MacCombie of ffVC, Spencer Krug of RiverPark Ventures, and Joanna Benedrete of Big Idea Ventures, VC Fit held their first session October 15th at the newly opened Rowgatta studio in Union Square and we made sure they had Kafa Bars to get their workout started right.

If you’re a VC in NYC looking to get in shape, check out VC Fit.

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Kafa Bar + NeueHouse Hollywood

Beginning today, Kafa Bars will be available at the Counter inside NeueHouse Hollywood. Membership director, Kristin Ofria said, “NeueHouse is always looking for ways to support its exceptional members (Kafa Bar co-founder Mike Prasad is a longtime NeueHouse member).  Being able to inspire a product’s design and host its launch in the same location was a special moment for us.”

Visit NeueHouse at 6121 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028